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Waiting for your fruit trees to have good fruit?


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We produce good fruit


Fruit & nut trees along with berries don't produce a

good sweet crop without  being cultured that way.

The way they are pruned will direct their growth

according to your desired outcome.

Most fruit tree pruning services simply

prune fruit trees to a uniform shape.

They do not prune for good fruit.

Pruning for good fruit isn't necessary unless

your only desire is the aesthetic value of your fruit trees.

That is the mowed pruning type.

Instead we prefer to prune each tree not only as a work of art

but as a functional part of your personal productive life.

Mission statement – We cater to those who want

their fruit trees to produce good fruit

within their harvest range.

Your harvest range includes several variables.

First how high are you willing to reach?

This includes whether you will just pick

from standing on the ground, 

picking using a fruit picker or

standing on a ladder.

We also consider the little children and wildlife

that you have help in harvesting.

Second is how much fruit can you handle?

If you have too much fruit,

you will have to bend over a lot

to keep fruit from rotting on the ground.

Fruit rotting on the ground is a source of

many insects, both flies that damage fruit &

yellow jackets or honey bees (or both).

Rotting fruit also harbors many diseases.

Company policies – Our policy is to propose

all work in writing with you signing the agreement

once we adjust it to its acceptable form.

Many customers prefer to start with

a part of the proposal on the first year

to evaluate our talents.

Executive profile – 

Call or e-mail us for a proposal